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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Latest Lasagna In Town!

After a really long, hard day at work (one that ends at 9 pm) , a friend/colleague and myself headed to our go-to-comfort-zone - Espresso on Shahbaz. I love pasta - pasta can do no wrong (unless the pasta has been done wrong). Looking at the chalkboard with the new additions to the menu, the obvious choice was the newly launched lasagna!

Looks fantastic, right? So first fork in to the dish and there is a clear absence/extreme lack of the any kind of sauce - red or white. But the pasta is perfectly cooked - nice and chewy. The minced beef is a little under-cooked and under-flavored for my taste. However, there was lots of sticky, stringy cheese on top which sort of redeemed the dish. But here's the confusing part, when I finished eating I wasn't quite as upset about the lasagna - blame it on a long day and hunger. Maybe it was meant to be a healthy lasagna - no decadent sauces and all that. But seriously, why wasn't my lasagna overflowing with the hot, sticky, deliciousness that is lasagna. Priced at Rs 375 with a good helping for any appetite, it's a reasonable buy.

Also, please don't serve me stale garlic bread. Just don't serve it at all.

The strawberry ice really hit the spot though. Better luck with the lasagna, Espresso!

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