Everyone thinks their mom is the best cook in the world. But my mummy is seriously yummy! And this is the proof! My mother Gulnar, came from Basra, Iraq to Karachi in 1965 and brought recipes the likes of which Karachi had never seen (well, maybe). Here's some of her signature recipes that should try. Some of them are my experiments and food experiences from around the world. You can check out the menu and order details on facebook.com/yummymummyandme

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ramzan Daze: 2

I am looking at the folder called 'food' on my computer and thinking 'thank the Lord!' How much good food was there in Ramzan? LOTS! 

Arvi Gosht
I never quite figured out what 'Arvi' really is. When I was younger, my mother explained it was 'aloo ki behan (potato's sisters).' Which instantly legitimizes all kinds of food. Arvi, however, seems to be a form of yam. My mum usually cooks it with mutton in a very basic, 'curry' base - tomatoes, ginger, garlic, salt, red chillies, onions. Goes well with rice and fresh lemon juice.

Ramzan platter at Damascus
The good old fashioned furrouge

The entire spread
One particular Ramzan day,  my girl friends and I were feeling particularly disappointed with our lives (read men and money). And everyone knows that the cure for a broken heart is always Arab. So we headed to the Karachi classic Damascus and ordered a ginormous platter which included: a whole furrouge, a chicken pita sandwich and those fried Arabic wanton (type) things, fries or falafel, a 1.5 liter drink and the usual sides with pita bread. With all our sadness combined, we could not finish this meal - it was rich, delicious and large - like a real Arab should be. All this cost just Rs 1200 by the way.

Roast Beef
Ah, what do I say about this hunk of meat? Soft, succulent, well seasoned and in the good company of  roast onions, garlic and potatoes. Home cooked by my sister from another mother - Tammy Haq! She really knows how to look after her sisters!

Home made Vol-au-Vent
Chicken and mushroom white sauce oozing out of a flaky pastry 'basket' - could there be a better comfort food?

Pizza Milano from Ginoginelles

Beef Pepperoni Pizza from Ginoginelles

Gino's has the best pizza in Karachi - hands down, no competition! I don't care what the foodies say, I dont care what the Italians. This pizza is damn good! I don't want to fish for toppings on my pizza, I just want it to find it's way into my mouth when I bite - in other words - generous toppings please!

Thai Green Curry from Chairman Mao

Dumplings with flat noodles 
Tried Chairman Mao after a while, following my horrible experience at Chairman Mao Port Grand. Thai is my least favorite kind of Asian cuisine (and Pakistan's favorite I guess) - I prefer Malaysian, Vietnamese and Chinese.  However, this is by far the best Thai food I've had so far in Pakistan.

Luckily, all this food is still out there and now we can order it for lunch too!