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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lunch @ 76

It's very rare that I get to go out for lunch - either I'm at work or too lazy. It was one of those rare days that my sisters and I decided to get away from work and treat ourselves at Cafe 76 - located on Old Clifton. We had been there for dinner before and assumed that the road would be just as sleepy in the day time. We were wrong - give yourself an extra ten minutes at lunch time to make room for the school traffic. The place was really quiet, which is kinda nice, with the right soundtrack.

We're not really into starters but ordered the Mozarella sticks any way. Perfectly golden fried and just the right temperature. Hot enough to be smoking but not enough to burn off my taste buds that hot cheese is capable of doing. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the Mozarella sticks but they're worth a try.

Jalapeno Chicken with Gratin Potatoes

Two generous, fleshy chicken breasts made for a big portion of Jalapeno Chicken. The creamy cheese and Jalapeno sauce was just right - without those big pieces of Jalapenos. The Jalapenos were chopped and worked into the sauce - which is much better. There's no way I can consume those big Jalapenos, but I love the kick. The chicken was cooked to perfection, not too soft, not too tough. However, with such a spicy entree I would've preferred vegetables on the side. I love potatoes but......steamed vegetables would be nice too.

Penne Arrabiata with Chicken
Pasta is a staple for us - good pasta is definitely the way to a woman's heart. But maybe that just comes with being an Italian man. However, this is a food blog, and I will stay on topic. The Arrabiata sauce was angry alright. It's a good thing my sister asked for chicken to be added to the dish, otherwise it might have been too spicy. Also, what's up with restaurants only serving one piece of garlic bread with entrees - come on guys, two's company - especially when taking on a spicy dish like this one.

Pink Pepper Chicken

The Pink Pepper Chicken was by far the most superior dish we tried at Cafe 76. Delicate yet complex flavors. The chicken breasts were stuffed with feta cheese and chicken and drizzled with a sauce of whole pink peppercorns and roasted bell peppers. The chicken teases your palate with a little dance of flavors as you chew through it. The really flavor explosion is in the sauce! Peppercorns go boom in your mouth! Not sure what the technical terms are to explain these flavors but this dish is a MUST try at Cafe 76.

Besides the food, I was most pleased with the service and the staff. Polite, helping and not too intrusive. All in all, a lovely afternoon experience at Cafe 76. Can't wait to take my mom there!

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