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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chairman Mao, we have a problem....

I love Chinese food. Hainanese, Sczehuan, Hokkein, Pakistani - pretty much every kind of Chinese works for me.  Chairman Mao Chinese food delivery is one of the best loved (and most expensive) ones in Karachi. After being a delivery only place for a long time, Chairman Mao is now a dining venue too - at Port Grand.

 Above is the entire spread we ordered for four people - egg fried rice, beef chilli with vegetables and American chop suey.With any kind of food, I love it or I hate it - but Chairman Mao at Port Grand left me indifferent. It definitely wasn't good, and not horrible either. Which is strange because I don't know if i I will ever be going back there.

Beef Chilli with Vegetables
Beef has never been so boring. Onions, cabbage, carrots, bla bla - it doesn't really matter because there was no real 'chilli' in the dish. It was like hospital food, with soya sauce of course. It was quite bland and unexciting.
American Chopsuey

I've never been a fan of chop suey and this one at Chairman Mao made sure things stayed that way. Cabbage, onions, chicken and carrots - all sliced up and probably cooked in that ketchup concoction that is characteristic of tacky Chinese cooking in Pakistan. The only thing worth eating in this dish were the crispy fried noodles. Even the egg wasn't fried pretty enough to eat.

Chairman Mao, what can I say? My mother does Chinese food better than you. I think the Port Grand outlet needs an intervention. 

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