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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Must Have Meat in Cairo

Some of the richest, most delicious food I have experienced was in Cairo. Heavy helpings of meat, lots of bread and even more starters to go with it - hummus, baba ganoush and turshi (pickled vegetables). And lots and lots of ful beans!

The best food you can find in Cairo is the Maidan-el-Hussein and the adjoining Khan-el-Khalili bazaar. Although the bazaar food is bound to be a little bit more expensive and dodgy. Maidan-el-Hussein is home to the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) - son of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The areas around it include lots of traditional Egyptian restaurants. I visited the area with my friend Muhammad Sheleep, a local journalist and Mazin Al-Yasery, an Iraqi journalist. Exhausted after our excursion to the pyramids of Giza, we arrived at el-Hussein square. Dusty, hungry and tired. Head for the restaurant on the far left as you enter through the gates of el-Hussein to find all the food heavenly food described below.

Starting with the starters of course - with servings big enough to be mains! That's hummus, baba ganoush, greens and the 'orange' sticks are turshi (pickled vegetables). And a pile of bread. The hummus was actually lighter and less' thick' than we get in restaurants here in Karachi. However, the turshi is a bit of an acquired taste. Try not to fill up with the starters, because coming up is.....

Glorious, hot, moist, steaming meat on a bed of greens. All made of lamb meat, mind you. It's lamb or nothing when it comes to meat in Egypt. And I won't contest that because this food was fine! The names were familiar but a little mixed up. The 'kofta' was what we call a seekh kabab here. The 'kabab' was lamb chops. The 'resh' was what we call 'boti'. All the meat was very lightly spiced but very tasty. I think it was more about how it was cooked as opposed to the ingredients. Fresh, simple ingredients made for a fantastic meal. Loved by locals and tourists alike.....

Make sure to follow up this gorgeous meal with mint tea and lots of walking around in the bazaar. Egypt is delicious! Thanks Mom for helping me blend in with Egypt!

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