Everyone thinks their mom is the best cook in the world. But my mummy is seriously yummy! And this is the proof! My mother Gulnar, came from Basra, Iraq to Karachi in 1965 and brought recipes the likes of which Karachi had never seen (well, maybe). Here's some of her signature recipes that should try. Some of them are my experiments and food experiences from around the world. You can check out the menu and order details on facebook.com/yummymummyandme

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Savory Serendipity....

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that give us the biggest smiles. And for a foodie that often means a surprise meal. So imagine the joy when I received a box of home made  Malaysian nasi tomato with chicken and achar. Sweet serendipity.... thanks to my friends at the Malaysian Consulate in Karachi - Mr & Mrs Abu Bakar Mamat. How's that for diplomacy?

Tomato rice is usually reserved for festive occasions like Hari Raya (Eid) or weddings. The rice is flavored with tomatoe puree and spices and usually served with a chicken curry - Ayam Masak Merah (red chicken). 

There's public diplomacy. There's culinary diplomacy. And then there's Malaysian diplomacy. The Malaysians in Karachi seem to be have culinary diplomacy down to an art. The average Malaysian's passion for food is represented in the way they engage with Pakistanis with generosity and respect. And Ramzan is the perfect season to experience this passion for food in Malaysia. However, this year, we will get to experience some of that distinctly Malaysian flair for food at a weekly Ramzan Bazar filled with Malaysian delicacies. What, where, when and how? Stay tuned!


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